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MIT/GNU Scheme in OS X

I’ve not mentioned this previously, but I bought a Macbook Air a few months back and it’s one of the greatest purchases I have ever made. I love this thing! It is so damned sexy (observing both its hardware and software), and so damned fast. I picked-up the baller, 13″ model with the Core i7 processor and 256 GB solid-state… Read more →

vim + Python

Below are my current .vimrc settings which, I find, are particularly pleasant for hacking Python.

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Madigan, Begin Again

Shortly before I left the house yesterday for the airport, the home line rang and displayed a nonsense phone number on the caller ID. (“100000000000” was the number — clearly a spoofed number to obscure the identity of the caller.) If I may digress, briefly, I find it particularly insidious that the campaigns of local and elected officials deliberately mask… Read more →

Ubuntu in VirtualBox

I travel nearly every week to my clients’ offices. I have recently become quite keen on the idea of videoconferencing with my wife and children each night, as a means to span the miles between us. Skype is the software I’ve settled on, as the most promising open-source competitor (Wengo) didn’t instill much confidence. The firm I work for blocks… Read more →