Netflix “Error N8156-6013” Resolution

A seemingly pervasive problem purportedly caused by a recent update to Silverlight, the Netflix streaming player bombed-out on me this evening, whinging about “Error N8156-6013” and complaining that it had issues both with playing DRM content and — for reasons which transcend reason — the date on my (virtual) computer. The solution was simple enough. Delete the following small file:… Read more →

Virtualbox + XP + Firefox = Netflix in GNU/Linux

Having recently wrested control of my machine from Windows Vista, I’ve had to implement a workaround for Netflix streaming media. Netflix, unfortunately, has yet to see the mistake in building their streaming architecture on Microsoft’s near-dead Silverlight platform. Until they recognize the error of their ways, I need a workaround. I’ve settled on virtualizing XP, as Silverlight (and Moonlight, for… Read more →

Strange Days

Jim Powell, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, contributed a timely and topical editorial to Investor’s Business Daily this week. Powell echoes a surging sentiment prevalent among the financial and economic “in crowds” that the Federal Reserve has done far more harm than good in its interventions to prop-up the flagging US (world) economy. From the editorial: Intended to save… Read more →

Madigan, Begin Again

Shortly before I left the house yesterday for the airport, the home line rang and displayed a nonsense phone number on the caller ID. (“100000000000” was the number — clearly a spoofed number to obscure the identity of the caller.) If I may digress, briefly, I find it particularly insidious that the campaigns of local and elected officials deliberately mask… Read more →