Installing RExcelXML from The Omega Project in R

RlogoA quick post to capture the resolution to the past 20 minutes I have spent in frustration trying to install RExcelXML from Omegahat (The Omega Project for Statistical Computing). As this is a source package, the dependencies need to be satisfied manually (which is a bit baffling, frankly — surely there is a workaround for this using a makefile-like facility in install.packages()). The package depends on ROOXML, Rcompression and XML. The solution is two-staged:


Back to the grind …

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  1. January 26, 2011 at 11:29

    Thanks for the tip!

    Minor correction: I think it should be:

    > install.packages(c(‘XML’))
    > install.packages(c(‘Rcompression’,’ROOXML’, ‘RExcelXML’), repos = ‘’, type = ‘source’)

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